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We miss you! Here's the bottom line... Discovery Camp isn't like every other camp. Masks, gloves, and limited access to the great things we have for groups isn't "camp" to us.

If we are going to have camp, let's have CAMP! #HolyGhostServices #FullofFaith #FunBeyondWhatsPossible #IceCreamForBreakfast.

As our Board of Directors continue to pray and plan about what the future of Discovery Camp looks like, please know our heart is to keep your groups safe, cleanliness above the standard, and a program that reflects the heartbeat of Discovery Camp that you've loved for 32 years.

A decision concerning a 2021 summer season will take place by March 31, 2021.


Our team works hard all year long to make summer camp the simplest part of yours! Whether you're a first-time Youth Pastor, a parent, or an awesome volunteer, we're here to support you. From questions of "So, what's a Group Contact?" to "I heard that you have quesadillas... Is that true?" We got you covered.