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For 32 years Discovery Camp has faithfully provided a spiritual, age-appropriate and fun summer camp experience to hundreds of church groups and thousands of campers. Not being able to provide last summer’s 2020 program to its fullest, due to the pandemic, was something that was difficult for all of us.

Now a year later, while we do see a light at the end of the tunnel, we do not believe all the factors are in place yet to provide a camp experience at the standard of excellence you would expect from Discovery Camp. With these factors in mind, there will not be an in-person DC camp experience for the 2021 season. Your group deserves the absolute best when on these grounds in Columbus, Texas, and we look forward to providing that for you in the days to come.

DC in A Box
We heard so many wonderful things about our “DC In A Box” program from last year, that we are excited to provide a similar program to you again this summer. It’s a great way to get the powerful programming you love from Discovery Camp available to you in your own environment.

We realize many of your students and families haven’t returned to in-person gatherings yet, and we want to help you provide a program at your church that is safe, age-appropriate and gives you the freedom to flow in the power of the Holy Spirit. You can see the boxes available by clicking the button below!

Looking Ahead
Our eyes are set on new horizons that gives each outreach of BMI a fresh perspective to provide a place for people to encounter the power of the Gospel that Jesus makes available to all of us. We look forward to possibly providing a new line of events in the Fall of 2021.


Our team works hard all year long to make summer camp the simplest part of yours! Whether you're a first-time Youth Pastor, a parent, or an awesome volunteer, we're here to support you. From questions of "So, what's a Group Contact?" to "I heard that you have quesadillas... Is that true?" We got you covered.