If you don't see an answer to your question, call, message, or just ask!



If you don't see an answer to your question, call, message, or just ask.



What is Discovery Camp?
Since 1989, Discovery Camp has provided a 3-day, 4-day and 5-day summer camp program for church groups across America. The success of our Kids Camps (7 -12 yrs.) and Youth Camps (13-17 yrs) earned Discovery Camp the respected reputation as “the largest Full-Gospel camp in America” reaching thousands of church groups. We know that nothing takes the place of the anointing of Jesus Christ, which is why we put such a strong focus on it! With thirty years of experience, we design each camp for maximum age-appropriate ministry. Relatable teachings, workshops, food, sports tournaments, waterslides, fun and much more are always provided. “Miracle Services” happen nightly where altars are packed and life-changing moments occur. Discovery Camp provides children and teens the opportunity to “Discover the Difference” that Jesus Christ can make during the most fun week of their summer!
Where is Discovery Camp located?
Geographically in the smack-dab center of the “Texas Triangle”, Columbus sits between Houston and San Antonio off of I-10 and is located south of Austin.

Drive Time From Each City:
Austin - 1.5 hours
Houston - 1 hour
San Antonio - 2 hours
Corpus Christi - 3 hours
Dallas/ Fort Worth - 4 hours
Rio Grande Valley - 4.5 hours
What is spiritually taught at Discovery Camp?
Basic Biblical principles are adhered to with a Spirit-filled atmosphere emphasizing redemptive truths encouraging children and youth to an intimate, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation, Lordship, Inspiration of the Scriptures and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues is also presented.
Who gets to come?
Discovery Camp offers two types of summer camp programs:

Kids Camps: (Ages 7 -12)

Youth Camps: (Ages 13 -17)

During our Youth Camps, children (ages 3-10) of the youth camp leaders are welcome to enjoy our ‘DC Adventure Zone’ program. This program was created to take care of the youngsters while the adults are in sessions through the camp experience.

Children 2 or under are permitted free of charge but will need a Registration form on file. Children 3 or under are welcome to stay in the female dorm with parent or guardian; all other ages must stay in the dormitory that corresponds with their gender.
What facilities and activities are available?
Discovery Camp sessions are hosted at beautiful Country Camp, a 1088-acre Christian Conference Center with a 1,000 seat capacity venue named Ambassadors’ Hall, Smiley’s Dining Hall, A/C dorms, concessions, 440 foot long waterslide, 52 foot high double-waterslide, horseback rides*, go-cart*, rock wall*, swimming pool, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, archery, Champion’s Course (obstacle course), and the Gear Shop for souvenirs and leadership materials. Additional electives are usually complimentary and might include activities such as individual sports, arts and crafts, and talent performance driven sessions. Special Leadership Sessions are conducted for all adult leaders during each camp visit. (*Some activities are at an additional charge.)
Are the activities included in the camp cost?
All activities except for the following are included in your camp cost: • Rockwall - Ticket: $1 • Super Archery - Ticket: $1 • Go-Cart Ticket (3 laps) (Height requirement of 52 inches) - $3 • Horse Ride Ticket (15min trail ride) - $6


What is a Group Contact?
A Group Contact is the selected representative to speak on behalf of their local church. Group Contacts will be responsible for making adjustments to the reservations, as well as being the point of contact for Discovery Camp as stated on the church Group’s Agreement Form.

More information for Group Contact's can be found on the Group Contact page.
How do I sign up for Discovery Camp?
When a church group is interested in attending Discovery Camp, the process is easy and efficient:

• Select a person to represent your church group as the Group Contact. The Group Contact selects the event of choice on the registration page.

• A credit card will need to remain on file.

• A Group Confirmation Code will be emailed to the Group Contact with a Sign-Up Code to give to all who plan to attend.

• Campers use their Sign-Up Code to fill out the Camper Reservation Form via online or paper form.

• The Group Contact will submit the Agreement Form and Deposit ten (10) business days before the start of the event.

• Arrive and check-in at Discovery Camp on the day of the event and be blessed!
How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
Confirmation Code

After your reservation has been confirmed by our Reservation Team, the Group Contact will receive an email with a confirmation code. The confirmation code will provide you with your Sign Up code as well as the dates you will need for your Agreement Form. The Confirmation Code is utilized as the key acknowledgment from Country Camp that we are expecting your group to join us for the upcoming event.

Group Agreement Form

A Group Agreement Form is connected to each group reservation and creates an agreement between Discovery Camp and the church group desiring to come to an event hosted by Country Camp. Group Agreement Forms go into effect ten (10) business days prior to the event. The Agreement Form brings a mutual understanding between all parties of the following areas:

• Group’s confirmed dates

• Group Contact

• Registration rate

• Total count of individuals coming with the group

• Due date for deposit

• Agreement & Releases
How many adult volunteers should I bring with my group?
Adult volunteers that attend with your group should be 18 years of age and older. Each group is responsible to provide adult leadership at a ratio of 1 to 8 (Kids Camps) and 1 to 10 (Youth Camps).

Each attending adult is considered a “Camper” while attending the program and must undergo a State-of-Texas required Child Abuse Prevention course (conducted at your church), as well as have completed a thorough background check, completed by our Reservations Department.

We’ve said it for years,“Sometimes the adults think they are bringing the kids to camp, but really it’s the kids who are bringing you to camp.” We believe adults can be refilled and refreshed as campers during Discovery Camp.
What if I already have a deposit on file for Discovery Camp? Will that go towards my new deposit balance?
Previous Partner Church Groups who currently have $250 on file with the Business Offices from previous DC seasons have two options to either utilize the deposit towards their deposit balance ,or their final balance for Discovery Camp 2018, or leave it on file for the upcoming BMI Church Partner Program, which provides extra blessings and benefits within many of the other outreaches of BMI. This program launches in January 2019.


What is there to do?
What ISN'T there to do?! We have 1,053 feet of waterslides, a swimming pool, horseback riding ($6.00), go-carts ($3.00), rock wall ($1.00), volleyball, tug-of-war, basketball, electives and more!
What's the dress code?
Camp dress code is casual, and you should plan for summer weather. We always encourage dress to be modest; no spaghetti-straps, crop tops, etc., are allowed. We also suggest one-piece bathing suits.
How much spending money should I bring?
The amount of spending money you bring is entirely up to you, but we have extra activities including horseback riding ($6.00), go-carts ($3.00) and rock wall ($1.00), along with our Gear Shop that sells items such as t-shirts, caps, and other souvenir items. We have three different venues to purchase other food items as well, including Smiley's Snack Shack (quesadillas, fries, nachos, cold soft drinks, etc.), Smiley's Grill (turkey legs, hamburgers, sausage on a stick, etc.), and our Taste N' See that serves coffee drinks and Blue Bell ice-cream.
What should I bring/leave at home?
We're glad you asked!

Definitely bring your Bible, notebook, pen/pencil, bedding/sleeping bag, pillow, towels, toiletries, casual clothes and a swimsuit, along with spending money/offering.

Definitely leave any water guns, water balloons, weapons/fireworks, tobacco/alcohol, skateboards/rollerblades and valuables at home.
One of my personal belongings is missing. What do I do?
Discovery Camp and all Discovery Camp workers are not responsible for any personal items lost, damaged, or involved in dorm theft. All lost and found items are to be turned into The Source which you can visit in Smiley's Dining Hall during your camp experience. All items turned into the Lost & Found are donated to missions seven days after the camp has concluded.
What if I only am coming for the day? Do I still have to pay?
A Day Rate for Discovery Camp is available for $25 per person at The Source. This includes all of the scheduled sessions for the day, meals being served, and access to all the outdoor activities. A Guest/Visitor’s badge will be given upon check-in, as well as some information to ensure your experience is enjoyed. The day is concluded when campus curfew is announced.

If you will only be joining us for a service the Day Rate will not apply but we ask that you check-in at The Source upon arrival.


Deposit Policy
A deposit of $20.00 per camper will be required. The total deposit amount per group is based on the number of campers signed up within the confirmed reservation.

Deposits are due ten (10) business days prior to the event’s start date. Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable, and go towards your final balance at the time of check-in.

Groups that currently have a $250 deposit on file from previous years may utilize this towards their deposit balance and their final balance at the time of check-in. The updated deposit structure with an individual space amount, versus a group amount, will be upheld.

Campers who are unable to attend will forfeit their deposit but are not required to pay the full registration rate.

Groups that do not have an agreement form on file by the due date requested will be charged at the number in the middle of the expected group range.  

Example: If your group range is 20 - 30 campers, you will be responsible for the total deposit amount based off of 25 campers. (If your Group Agreement Form is not completed and submitted.)
Cancellation Policy
We understand life happens and sometimes church groups are unable to attend an event they have already committed to. Church groups who cancel before the Group Agreement Form due date will be released from all financial obligations. Any funds that have already been collected and submitted to Discovery Camp can be left on file for a future event or requested as a refund. Cancellations that take place before the 10-day prior mark will result in the full amount being processed back to the original credit card used.

Refunds will take place within 30 days after the event date via a check mailed to the church.

Church Groups that cancel after the Group Agreement Form date has gone into effect will be responsible for 50% of the total registration amount for the number of campers on the Group Agreement Form.

Campers who paid Discovery Camp online directly can contact the Reservations Team for cancellation and refund processing directly at 1-800-714-2267, or
Refund Policy
Any funds that have already been collected and submitted to Discovery Camp can be refunded back to the original credit card used.

Any refund requests after the 10-day prior mark will result in a forfeit of the deposit, however, the remaining balance will be returned to the card used at the time of sign up.

Individual campers who originally signed up online with a church group requesting a refund from Country Camp can do so by contacting the Reservations Team directly at 1-800-714-2267, or