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All campers should be treated with respect.

Please help us make everyone feel welcomed. No bullying, profanity or harassing of any type is allowed.

DC Camper Safety

Knives, firearms, fireworks, or weapons of any type are strictly prohibited. anyone aware of these items is expected to tell a dc staff member. Please stay in the lighted area after dark.

DC Dormitories

Our visiting adults are responsible for dormitory behavior. Please, no food, drinks or ice chests in the dorms. contact the source for thermometer adjustments. Campers should never be left alone in the dorm. Male guests should not be in female dorms and vice versa.

DC Camper Behavior

Alcohol, drugs or any form of tobacco is prohibited. Pranks usually get out of hand and are not encouraged. shaving cream or water balloon fights are prohibited. Campers should refrain from all PDA (Public Display of Affection).

DC Camper Dress Code

Shoes should be worn at all times, except in dorms or watersports. in services, females should dress modestly without bare midriffs or exposed cleavage. Appropriate shorts are fine. Guys should not wear caps in ABH, please.

DC Campers’ Social Media

The dc staff have been requested to not give their cell phone number or any other personal information to our guests. Please refrain from requesting it so that they can remain focused on their responsibilities.

DC Camper Curfew

All campers will be expected to be inside their assigned dorms no longer than the announced curfew and requested to stay inside until 6 AM.

DC Property Damage

Important! Persons or groups responsible for the destruction of camp property will be accountable for the replacement or repair cost of such property. The church which that camper(s) represent will be expected to assist in or fulfill this debt.

Ambassadors’ Hall

In respect to God’s house, please no food or drinks. All services in ABH are mandatory. In the event of illness, the camper should go to the healing center or an adult leader should stay with them. campers are not to be in the dorm alone.

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