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Discovery Camp sessions are hosted at beautiful Country Camp, a 1088-acre Christian Conference Center with a 1,000 seat capacity venue named Ambassadors’ Hall, Smiley’s Dining Hall, and A/C dorms.

The following activities will be available during free-time:

  • Swimming Pool
  • 440-Foot long Waterslide
  • 52-Foot high Double-Waterslide
  • Basketball Courts
  • Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Archery
  • Champion’s Course (Obstacle Course)
  • Concessions
  • Go-Karts*
  • Rock Wall*

*See the cost of these activities below.

How much do they cost?

  • Concessions: $0.50-$5.00 (Extras – $0.50 each)    
  • Go-Karts (One-Time Ride): $3.00          
  • Go-Karts (Wristband): $10.00 (Wristbands are only available on the last full day of camp, and can only be used for Go-Kart rides)               
  • Rock Wall: $1.00
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